About Us​


Sukkar brother’s Co. is a greatly reliable distribution company with expertise in
Mechanisms and FMCG logistics, distributing, and marketing all over Syria.
We specialize in delivering a wide range of products basing our success on the
strong network we have established in the Syrian market. We are constantly
reassessing our work using sophisticated market analysis and innovative
marketing strategies in order to ensure the best visibility, display, and
availability of the brands we represent. We also follow-up on our sales with top
quality after-sales services.
This success is largely owed to our professional and well-trained team and our
considerable commercial experience.. This why we are aiming to achieve long-term sustainable growth despite the challenges that have been affecting Syria
for the past decade.


Sukkar is continually working to maintain its position as one of the most organized and
well-equipped distribution companies in Syria, with unequalled consumer, customer, and
supplier satisfaction.
Sukkar is constantly working on becoming the biggest FMCG distributor in Syria by
continually expanding our product portfolio and building an unparalleled, efficient
distribution network that reaches the entirety of the Syrian market.


•Cover and serve all sales points within each sales channel.
•Expand our product portfolio with high-quality products which we can accommodate
various market sectors.
•Ensure that all suppliers goals are met and, when possible, exceeded.
•Always considers the geography, demographics, and economics of the country in which
we operate to ensure an effective distribution operation.
•Constantly review our operating procedures in order to fully optimize our cost efficiency.



We aim at the continuous satisfaction of our suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, and endconsumers by insisting on straight-forward communication and business operation in a principled and transparent manner. This entails maintaining a responsible attitude towards everyone we deal with.


No goal is difficult to achieve when one works towards it with passion. It is an important driving force to overcome obstacles and succeed and it inspires loyalty, teamwork and hard work


We offer high-quality products and follow-up with high-quality customer service. We stand by every item we sell and we are held accountable for every action we take in the market.

Why SuKkar?

•Best distributor to build a partnership with.
•Speed to market
•Fully automated operating system with real-time on ground management, and
continual training and developing program
•Deep knowledge of consumer behavior, market trends, best marketing tools, and
top distribution efficiency


Ahmmad Sukkar

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Mohammad Sukkar

Deputy Board of Directors


Haitham Sukkar

Board Member


Yaseen Sukkar

Director of Heavy Machinery


Alaa Shawwa

General Manager of Product Companies